FAQs and Troubleshooting
A curated list of the most commonly asked questions by Shake customers.
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I did not receive an email notification after a new ticket arrived to our Shake dashboard
Can we block sensitive data (PII) on screen recordings?
Unique devices Q & A
The billing form doesn't allow me to put an alphanumeric ZIP code
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Shake.handleError not visible
AppStoreConnect submission is failing with the "ERROR ITMS-90035 Invalid Signature"
Shake Crash works on the device, but I never see a crash report on the Shake web Dashboard
I can't sign in with Google
Our builds using Shake are failing with a status code 403 Forbidden
I'm using Flutter and the screenshots are empty black rectangles on Android 6
I know of a few reports from my users (or testers) that never came through
I'm getting the "CocoaPods could not find compatible versions for pod Shake" message
We think Shake is the cause of our app crashing
Is there a way to listen for the "Shake invoked" event, so we can trigger another event (analytics for example) at that moment?
The console says "Fetching access token failed - HTTP 401 UNAUTHORIZED"
I am getting the "CocoaPods could not find compatible versions" error
App Transport SPM issue
Does Shake support unejected Expo apps?
I am getting an AAPT error while trying to build an app
Tickets aren't arriving • Dashboard is white and doesn't work • Can't access Dashboard • Dashboard status page
I don't see the logs of my app in the console
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I don't see a reported bug on my Dashboard
Does Shake SDK require a specific ProGuard version?
Can Shake capture ExoPlayer's content?
I can't build an app with the Xcode when using Shake
Can I change my email notification preferences?
Are the timestamps in bugs shown in my or user's timezone?
Dashboard email and notification settings
The "Report a bug" button is hidden behind an interface element
Why does a map look black on my bug report?