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FAQs and Troubleshooting
FAQs and Troubleshooting

A curated list of the most commonly asked questions by Shake customers.

How to enable Push Notifications on Android
"Send Feedback to a user" not working • How to register a user
We're getting an infinity loop between Shake SDK and Firebase Messaging
How to enable Push Notifications on iOS
How do I set up a separate app for reports on the production environment?
How to generate the server key in Firebase
I didn't receive an email notification after a new ticket arrived on our Shake dashboard
Can I block sensitive data (PII) on screen recordings? • Blocking sensitive data (PII)
App installs Q&A
The billing form doesn't allow me to put an alphanumeric ZIP code • Can't put a ZIP code
I've entered a workspace but it's empty • Empty workspace
Shake.handleError not visible
AppStoreConnect submission is failing with the "ERROR ITMS-90035 Invalid Signature"
Shake Crash works on the device, but I never see a crash report on the web dashboard • Not getting crash reports on dashboard
I can't sign in with Google
Builds using Shake are failing with a status code 403 Forbidden
I'm using Flutter and the screenshots are empty black rectangles on Android 6 • Minimum requirements
I know of a few reports from my users (or testers) that never came through • Reports not coming through
We think Shake is the cause of our app crashing
Is there a way to listen for the "Shake invoked" event, so we can trigger another event (analytics for example) at that moment?
The console says "HTTP 401 UNAUTHORIZED" • Not getting feedback
I am getting the "CocoaPods could not find compatible versions" error
App Transport SPM issue • Can't deploy app
Does Shake support unejected Expo apps?
I am getting an AAPT error while trying to build an app
Tickets aren't arriving • Dashboard is white and doesn't work • Can't access Dashboard • Dashboard status page
I don't see the logs of my app in the console
I keep getting an error when trying to configure my React Native project
I don't see my new app on Dashboard • Can't see app
I don't see a reported bug on my Dashboard
Does Shake SDK require a specific ProGuard version?
Can Shake capture ExoPlayer's content?
I can't build an app with the Xcode when using Shake
Can I change my email notification preferences?
Are the timestamps in bugs shown in my or user's timezone?
Hot to unfollow an app • Change notifications
The "Report a bug" button is hidden behind an interface element
Why does a map look black on my bug report?
Add notifications for chat, react native • Getting error while adding the code snippet
Getting App is archived. HTTP 404 error, flutter
Can't add Shake • Added the Shake.start(...) and it doesn't work
Intro message problem • Intro message getting in the way
I'm receiving old tickets • Tickets taking a lot of time to come
How far back does Shake log data • How much data does Shake log
Can I modify the period for which the log retains data • Can I modify the number of lines