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How to enable Push Notifications on Android
How to enable Push Notifications on Android

Shake up your Customer service.

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Push Shake to new limits – get instant push notifications for live chat.

On Shake Dashboard, you’ll have a Seen / Not seen indicator for sent messages, to make life easier for your support agent. Here’s how to add a Server key for Android to enable push notifications via Firebase.

2. Add a project:

3. Follow all steps after clicking "+"

a) Name your project:

b) Follow instructions until reaching Your new project is ready and click Continue

5. Follow all steps for Add Firebase to your Android app:

a) In Android package name field add applicationID from the build.gradle file at app level and click Register App

b) Download and add google.service.json in your app

c) Add Firebase SDK, copy paste the code snippet in your build.gradle

d) After finishing setup, click Continue to console

6. Navigate to Project settings

7. In Project settings choose Cloud Messaging

8. If Cloud Messaging API is disabled, click the three dots beside to Enable it

9. After that, Server key is visible under Cloud Messaging API

Copy Server key and upload it in Shake dashboard under Push notification server key section. To finish the process, explore Shake Docs and configure your push notifications to your wishes.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us through the Intercom bubble. Or even better, join our Slack Community and get in touch with our developers within a few minutes.

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