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Shake.handleError not visible
Shake.handleError not visible

The method has mistakenly been left as an internal one, hiding it from the public interface.

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Test out the feature with the below snippets, the method will be exposed in the upcoming release.


let handleErrorSel = NSSelectorFromString("handleError:clusterID:")

let customError = NSError(domain: "error_domain", code: 1, userInfo: [:])

Shake.perform(handleErrorSel, with: customError, with: "cluster_unique_id")


SEL handleErrorSel = NSSelectorFromString(@"handleError:clusterID:");

NSError *customError = [NSError errorWithDomain:@"error_domain" code:1 userInfo:@{}];

[SHKShake performSelector:handleErrorSel withObject:customError withObject:@"cluster_unique_id"];

Affected Releases: 14.2.0, 14.2.1

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