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Fair Billing Policy

Pay only for the plan of your choice.

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We believe you should only have to pay for the plan you agree to, so we offer a Fair Billing Policy that’s flexible and easy to understand.

The short version

You’ll only be charged for the plan that you have agreed to, unless you decide to update or change your plan.

Choose monthly or annual billing

  • Monthly. You’ll be billed every month on the same date you upgraded to a paid plan, which may not be the first day of the month.

  • Annual. You’ll be billed every year on the same date you upgraded to a paid plan.

Add new apps at any time

When you subscribe to one of our plans ( Free, Premium, or Organization), you are allocated a certain number of apps on the Dashboard.

You can add an app to your Dashboard at any time, but make sure that the total number is covered by your billing plan.

Here’s an example:

​​Let’s suppose your workspace is on the Starter plan which includes for 4 apps, and you are only using 3. You are free to add another app whenever you want.

Add more app installs with an add-on

If you exceed the 10,000 app installs limit provided in all three of our paid plans, you will be prompted to purchase an add-on.

Here’s an example:

Let’s suppose your workspace is on the Starter plan paying monthly, and automatically has 10,000 app installs per month. You added Shake SDK into an app in production and now have 12,000 app installs.

You would be notified on your workspace that your plan "does not cover your usage numbers". You'll then be prompted to visit our billing page to add more app installs. As you are above the 10,000 limit, you would purchase the 10k to 100k installs add-on and be charged the additional $120 per month.

However, if you choose not to change your plan and add an add-on, you are welcome to archive the app taking your app installs over the limit.

Credit card charges

We don’t like surprises either! You’ll see the first credit card charge on the day you upgrade to a paid plan, but here are the other times you’ll see charges from Shake:

  • On the monthly renewal date if your workspace is on the monthly plan.

  • On the annual renewal date if your workspace is on the annual plan.

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