Free forever

We believe that if you and all your teammates want to try out Shake for an unlimited period of time — you can do so for free. You can use  all  of our standard features:

  • Create or join unlimited workspaces

  • Unlimited team members

  • Unlimited apps

  • Fully customizable data

  • Deep search

  • Customizable look and feel


If you decide you want to get more from your bug reports, switch to the Premium plan. It's $50 per active app per month when on a yearly paying schedule, and $60 per active app per month when paying on a monthly schedule. This is what you get:

Unlimited bug reports

When your workspace is on a Premium plan, you can receive unlimited reports, rather than just 10 per app, per month.

VIP customer support

When you have any questions, we — real people and app devs — will help you first, and only then return back to whatever we were doing.

Full activity history

See the full activity history instead of only the last 20 events that lead to a bug.

Attach up to 10 files to every bug

In a Free workspace every bug can have one attachment. In a Premium workspace you can attach up to 10 files per bug.

Add unlimited tags to your bugs

In a Free workspace, up to 2 tags can be added to every bug. Premium workspace allows you to add as many tags to all your bugs as you need.

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