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The "Report a bug" button is hidden behind an interface element
The "Report a bug" button is hidden behind an interface element

Workarounds for when app interface elements get in your way.

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Your button is covered by the keyboard

The solution is simple: While the keyboard is closed, change the button's location on your screen higher up.

Tap and hold the button to drag-and-drop it to a location you're comfortable with.

Button is covered by a system interface element

If your button is stuck behind a modal, date picker etc. there's nothing you can do — those are system interface elements and everything goes behind those by definition.

Try reporting a bug alternatively 🤳 by shaking your device or by taking a screenshot. If these two don't work either, get in touch with your app administrator and describe the situation to them — they'll be able to help you.

For anything else, don't hesitate to contact us through the Intercom bubble.

Or even better, join our Slack Community and get in touch with our developers within a few minutes.

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