If you have added the SDK to your app moments ago and can't see the  entire app  on web Dashboard, there are a number of things that may have gone wrong - You can troubleshoot this by:

  • Checking your Bundle ID on the Dashboard matches the one you've put in your code

  • Checking your Client ID/Secret match the ones in your settings

... If these are all correct - check the information below.

Let's get back to the original question now... Whenever a user reports a bug, you will usually see it on your Dashboard instantaneously. However, there are two situations where you will have to wait a bit.

User immediately kills the app

If a user has really quick fingers and immediately after tapping  Submit  goes on and kills your app, the bug report might not have had enough time to be fully submitted. But don't worry, the report is  always  saved locally on a user's device and will continue trying to upload itself from the background to your web Dashboard.

User has bad or no internet connection

It takes time to upload up to 50 MB of custom files with each bug report. If a user's internet connection is bad, this can obviously take a while — and until the whole bug isn't correctly uploaded, you won't see it in your web Dashboard.

If the user has no internet connection at all, their report is safely saved on their phone locally. That report will continue trying to upload itself from the background to your web Dashboard and will succeed once the user has an internet connection.

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