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We think Shake is the cause of our app crashing
We think Shake is the cause of our app crashing

That's extremely rare so please tell us more — we will carefully investigate every crash.

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Shake SDK is used by countless companies across the globe, from Silicon Valley to African villages where we reliably support the One Acre Fund field agents on various Android devices in areas with no or weak coverage.

Additionally, our development and QA teams work on and test Shake extensively every day. We've set our reliability goals ambitiously high and therefore our users almost certainly never experience a crash caused by Shake SDK.

But hiccups can happen so please let us know by using the bubble in the bottom right corner! We will assign your ticket a critical priority and jump right on investigating it. 👨‍💻

Or even better, join our Slack Community and get in touch with our developers within a few minutes.

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