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Cancel my Shake subscription • Cancel subscription
Cancel my Shake subscription • Cancel subscription

You are leaving us? Sad.

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Did you make an irreversible decision to stop using Shake?

If not, contact us through Intercom bubble or via our Slack Community, and let's see what your pain points are and what we can do as a team to fix it for you.

But, if you are sure about your decision, here is how you cancel your Shake subscription:

  1. Go to your Shake dashboard

  2. Click on your icon in the left-top corner

  3. Click on Workspace administration

  4. Then go to Billing, and you'll find a button - Cancel subscription

Your workspace is automatically switched to our Free plan when your subscription is canceled. You will not get charged anymore, and if you decide to come back to our paid plans, all of your data and reports will be waiting for you.

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