On Shake Dashboard, you create new apps for different platforms, for example:

  • iOS

  • Android

Also, you create new apps for different bundle IDs, for example:

  • com.yourapp.app.dev

  • com.yourapp.app.staging

  • com.yourapp.app

  • com.anotherapp.app

Two examples

As an example, if you want to use Shake SDK only in one of your apps, only its development build, and only on Android, you would create only one "App on Dashboard":

  1. com.yourapp.app.dev Android.

And if you want to use Shake SDK in one app on its 3 environments and its 2 platforms, you would create six "Apps on Dashboard":

  1. com.yourapp.app.dev Android

  2. com.yourapp.app.staging Android

  3. com.yourapp.app Android

  4. com.yourapp.app.dev iOS

  5. com.yourapp.app.staging iOS

  6. com.yourapp.app iOS

You have complete control over your Dashboard and manage (create, track, archive and unarchive) your "Apps on Dashboard" entirely by yourself.

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