Q: What are unique devices?

A: Unique devices represent the number of individual devices your app is installed on, with Shake SDK inside.

Q: How are unique devices counted?

A: Every app install is counted as a single unique device. Shake keeps track of the total number of installations you have across all active apps. For example:

You have 3 active apps. Those apps have been installed a total of 10 000 times. That equals 10 000 unique devices.

Q: We keep track of monthly and daily active users of our app. How does that compare to unique devices?

A: In our experience, these are the numbers you can expect:

Unique devices



100 000 app installations

≈ 20 000 - 30 000 monthly active users

≈ 3 000 - 6 000 daily active users

This is what Shake system counts.

Not all users that install your app activate, maybe 20 - 30% do. It depends on your app industry, marketing efforts etc. This number can be lower or higher.

Even less users are active in your app every single day. Again, it all depends on your app, but that number is usually around 3 - 6% of your app installations.

Q: We have over 10 000 unique devices, but only 3 000 monthly active users. Will we have to purchase a unique device addon to use Shake?

A: Yes, since your unique device count is over 10 000. Shake doesn’t keep track of or charge you based on how many active users your app has on a monthly basis.

Q: If a user re-installs our app, would that still be counted as part of the unique devices quota?

A: Yes, every re-install of an app is counted as part of the quota.

Q: What happens if a user installs our app but never uses it, or uninstalls it right away? Is that counted as part of the quota?

A: Yes, every installation of an app is counted as part of the unique devices quota.

Q: Are unique devices counted across all my apps, both active and archived?

A: No, Shake only counts unique devices across all of your active apps.

Q: I want to lower the number of unique devices I have. How can I do that?

A: You can lower the number of unique devices you have by simply archiving apps you’re currently not using.

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