Slack Connect allows you to chat with Shake team in one shared channel in your Slack workspace — no need to join or switch to another Slack workspace.

Support as good as it gets

After we agree on all the details, you will receive an email invite to join this shared channel with Shake. This channel is private only to your company & our company.

Here's what to do after you accept the invite:

Step 1 out of 3

You will be asked which workspace to add this channel to, so choose the one where your team is.

Step 2 out of 3

Choose whether this shared channel will be private or public within your workspace. It's your decision — it does not affect our settings, and we don't know what you chose. We encourage you to invite as many colleagues as you want. We're a friendly, collaborative team and don't mind good company.

Step 3 out of 3

Choose the name of this channel in your workspace. Again, it's your decision — it does not affect a channel name in our workspace, nor do we know how you name it for your workspace.

Voilà! We're now ready to live chat privately.

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