Shake is like any other tool out there: FullStory, Intercom, Crashlytics, Crazy Egg, Google Analytics, Datadog, Hotjar and countless others. And just like all those diagnostics, communication, logging and analytics tools, it is normally used by apps around the planet, both internally and in production.

If you use any 3rd party tool in your production app, we'd like to give you a few tips:

  • Make sure you list that tool in your Privacy Policy

  • Read about what precise data the tool captures, or doesn't capture, by default: iOS, Android, React Native and Flutter

  • Learn how to customize the tool by excluding any data you don't want to be captured: iOS, Android, React Native and Flutter

  • It might be a bit boring, but do read their privacy policy: Shake Privacy Policy

  • Understand what they say about processing of personal data governed by the GDPR and the CCPA: Shake DPA

  • Lastly, find out whether that company has transparently and publicly described their security and privacy practices and certifications: Security at Shake

If you have more questions, we invite you to click the bubble in the bottom right corner and talk to us. We have happily helped tens of thousands of users with their questions, and would like to answer all your questions as well.

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