You've set everything up and Shake is working, but it's not sending feedback and the console says something along these lines:

E/Shake (13570): Fetching access token failed
E/Shake (13570): retrofit2.HttpException: HTTP 401 UNAUTHORIZED

This can be caused by:

  • the wrong Client ID or Client Secret in your Manifest file β†’ Please verify that your keys are copied and pasted correctly

  • other accidental typos in your Manifest file β†’ Make sure there are no missing or unnecessary characters in there

  • you erroneously pasted the keys inside the <activity> element β†’ As per the Docs, make sure the keys are inside <application> and outside <activity>

This always helps. If your problem still persists though, click the bubble in the bottom right corner and let's chat. We'd really like to help you.

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