Issues that don't crash your app (those are called non-fatal issues) are  not  caught by Firebase Crashlytics and other crash reporting frameworks!

That's why we built Shake

Shake allows your team to finally get an insight into hundreds of non-fatal issues your users experience daily, for example:

  • they can't sign into your app
  • there's wrong data shown somewhere
  • they notice a visual glitch on one of your screens
  • there's a typo
  • a feature doesn't work the way they expected it to
  • ...

Use Shake and your crash reporting tool together

Use Shake so your users can report  non-fatal issues  they notice to you. Use a crash reporting framework of your choice to get insights into  fatal issues  that occasionally happen.

Shake was built to live in your app together with other tools like Firebase Crashlytics — they complement each other.

Can I use other reporting tools in parallel with Shake?

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