Shake feedback reporting

Issues that don't crash your app (those are called non-fatal issues) are not caught by Firebase Crashlytics at all. On the other hand, Shake allows your team to finally get an insight into hundreds of those non-fatal issues your users experience daily:

  • they can't sign into your app

  • there's wrong data shown somewhere

  • they notice a visual glitch on one of your screens

  • there's a typo

  • a feature doesn't work the way they expected it to

  • ...

Shake feedback reporting and Firebase Crashlytics complement each other.

Shake crash reporting

But we didn't stop. In 2021 we released a new product called Shake Crash, and just like Firebase Crashlytics, it tracks fatal issues . We believe it's better than Firebase Crashlytics because:

  • after your app crashes and the user returns to it → they are automatically asked to describe what happened in their own words (and vent so they don't leave you a bad review)

  • see which user precisely the crash happened to, it's not anonymous

  • automatically receive screen recording of the moments before their crash

  • automatically receive a beautiful timeline of user, network and console logs before the crash

Of course, Firebase Crashlytics is a more mature product and we invite you to use it too.

And to answer your last question: Yes, Shake Crash can be used in parallel with Firebase Crashlytics, they won't interfere with each other.

Can I use other reporting tools in parallel with Shake?

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