If you don't want to use CocoaPods or Gradle, you can install Shake manually.

Install Shake manually on iOS

  1. Visit Shake iOS SDK GitHub repository.

  2. There, click the green  Clone or download  button. 

  3. Shake directory will be downloaded to your computer — drag-and-drop the  Shake.framework  folder into your project.

That's it, you've successfully added Shake SDK to your app. Continue with the  Step 2: Add Client ID and Secret to Info.plist  described in our Documentation.

Updating Shake

If you were not using a dependency manager like CocoaPods, you won't be able to use the  pod update Shake  command to pull the latest version of Shake SDK into your app. Instead, you should repeat steps 1 – 3 listed above.

Install Shake manually on Android

This isn't available yet. If this is something you're interested in, please let us know at friends@shakebugs.com 📬

How does the Shake SDK affect an app's size and performance?

Will our app users have to grant any extra permissions because of Shake SDK?

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