Open the bug reporting mode

Ask the people that gave you the app  how  you're supposed to open the bug reporting mode. Usually it's by  shaking  your device when you notice a bug, or tapping a dedicated button.

By the way, you can regularly report bugs while in your underground commute or on an airplane — you don't have to have internet connection.

Mark what's wrong

When the  Report a bug  mode opens up, you will see your screenshot. If there's a part of the screen you want to highlight, mark it with a color of your choice.

Once you're done, tap  Next  .

Then, describe the bug

Follow these 4 rules to describe a bug like a pro:

Your bug description has to be  short  and without emotions. Also, report just  one  bug at a time.

Do not  write about  any  technical details:

  • what device you're using and which screen you're looking at

  • your app version

  • your internet status and battery level etc.

because people on the other end will have all that data automatically. 👌

Talk to your app admin and see which useful #hashtags you  might  put at the end of your bug descriptions to make them even better.

Leave your email address in its dedicated field, so that app developers can get back to you if required.

Examples of perfect bug descriptions

Color of the 'Exchange' button is yellow, but it should be green.

App froze while uploading profile photo so I tried to tap the 'Upload' button a few more times. Bug: Each time I tapped the 'Upload' button, the screen became darker, until it went completely black. #sprint9

When I select my email address, I don’t get a context menu to copy/cut/paste that I expected. #low-priority

Spelling mistake in installation instructions: 'at lease' should be 'at least'.

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