You can  archive  any app which is the same thing as deleting — only now you will have the ability to restore it later should you want to.

Archive an app

  1. In the top-right corner of your Dashboard click  Settings  .

  2. Choose  Apps  in the top navigation bar, and expand the app you want to archive.

  3. Next to your app name, you can see the  Archive  button. Click it and confirm your action by clicking  Archive  again. You're done.

When you archive an app:

  • you can't access it on your Dashboard any more

  • users can't report bugs in this app

  • if you're on a paid plan, you won't be billed for it

Restore an app

When you archive an app, it goes to the  Archived Apps  page in your Settings. Should you decide you want to restore an app, just click the  Restore  button next to its name and it's active again. You can archive and restore an app as many times as you want.

When you restore an app:

  • it's visible on the Dashboard again

  • users can report bugs in this app again

  • if you're on a paid plan, you will be billed for it once again

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