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Forward bugs to other tools • Forwarding bugs
Forward bugs to other tools • Forwarding bugs

Shake plays nicely with the tools your team already uses.

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Start forwarding bugs

  1. In the top-left corner of your Dashboard click the icon and then Workspace administration.

  2. Choose Apps in the list on the left, and expand the drop-down list of apps to choose the app whose bug reports you want to forward.

  3. Scroll down to see User feedback integrations, where you will see various integrations listed there, with their appropriate Connect buttons. Click the one you want to forward bugs to and follow the instructions.

Stop forwarding bugs

If you want to stop forwarding bugs, that's also done from the Apps page in Workspace administration. Expand your desired app and just click the Disconnect button next to the integration you want to disconnect. That's it, bugs won't be forwarded there any more.

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