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Which data does the Shake SDK track and report?
Which data does the Shake SDK track and report?

Shake grabs every single detail that could help an app developer efficiently fix bugs.

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You will receive the following data out of the box with Shake:

  • user's phone model and OS

  • user's phone storage details 

  • carrier and WiFi details

  • battery status 

  • city, timezone and locale

  • app version, current view and build number

  • screen resolution, screen orientation and pixel density

On your web Dashboard, it will be shown here:

Screenshot & description 

User's screenshot and their brief description of what's happened are the 2 most common pieces of data you will receive with Shake. 

They can be found at the top of your web Dashboard: 

Activity history

Shake tracks the user's interaction with your app, their network traffic and system events. 

A link to Activity history is located in the top right corner of your web Dashboard: 

Activity history is enabled by default, however, it can be disabled at any time.

Black box

Shake records a detailed environment profile covering the last 60 seconds before a bug was submitted. It includes the following data:

  • phone memory usage

  • app memory usage 

  • network status 

  • device orientation

You'll find the Black box charts below the screenshot on the web Dashboard: 

Black box is enabled by default, but it can also be disabled at any time. 


Shake tracks the status of Android and iOS permissions out of the box, and reports to you whether a user has or hasn't granted your app access to them. 

Tracked dangerous permissions on Android:









  • SMS


Tracked useful permissions on iOS:

  • Calendar access

  • Camera access

  • Contacts access

  • Photo library access

  • Location access

  • Media library access

  • Microphone access

Shake lists precisely those permissions that a user has explicitly granted access to. The ones you don't see listed in a report were either denied or not requested at all.

You'll find tracked permissions next to the screenshot on the web Dashboard: 

Any datapoint and file you can imagine

We made Shake fully customizable. Our Metadata  feature allows you to send yourself any variable from the app that you want to see on your Dashboard.

You can also attach files to your bug reports.

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