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How does Shake work?
How does Shake work?

How to start using Shake.

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Add the SDK to your app

Everything starts with a mobile app developer adding the Shake SDK into their app in a process that takes 4 to 5 minutes.

Users start reporting bugs easily

Then, whenever a user wants to report a bug, all they need to do is shake their device. The Shake feedback form will appear and users can highlight parts of their screenshot and write down their comments. As soon as the user taps the Submit button, the app developer instantaneously receives the bug's full environment report and can start working on fixing the bug efficiently.

Forward bugs directly to Slack or Jira if you want to

We made Shake compatible with other tools too, so you can set it up to send you Slack notifications, create a new Jira issue in your project of choice, and so on.

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